Cheltenham Racecourse


Scope of Works: Removal of Asbestos from Walls, Ceilings, Floors & Roofing Tiles from the Structure of the A&R Stand Including the Royal Box to enable the safe Demolition of the remaining building & the subsequent Construction of a New Grandstand.

Contract Value: £197,000

Programme Duration: May 2013 – September 2013

The works included the approximate removal of the following asbestos:-

  • Approximately 411 m2 of Sprayed coatings to concrete ceilings
  • Approximately 560 m2 of AIB to partition walls & ceilings
  • Approximately 908 m2 Asbestos cement panels
  • Approximately 390 m2 thermoplastic asbestos floor tiles & Paper Lining
  • Approximately 210 m2 Asbestos cement roof slates/tiles

Following a Competitive Tendering opportunity & Presentation to the Jockey Club, ICS were appointed by the Principle Contractor to remove all asbestos from the A&R Grandstand and adjoining buildings as part of the Preparatory work on the new £45million grandstand to be built at Cheltenham Racecourse, which is due to open ahead of The 2016 Festival

When Cheltenham opens its doors on Friday 18th October 2016, race goers will see a different landscape since the old A&R buildings have been demolished & removed during May – July 2013.  A total of two buildings have been demolished including the 3 storey section that which housed the Royal Private Box along with several other Private Member Box’s. They were situated between the main grandstand and the end of the permanent buildings by the Horse Walk onto the course.

Working in Conjunction with the Jockey Club & the Principle Contractor, the asbestos removal works went ahead as planned, working in and around a Live Site & Scheduled Race Meetings & Organised Events, the works were contained within the local site area allowing the Racecourse to function without any issues. All works were closely monitored by the Principle Contractor, ICS Site Manager & Client Appointed Project Management Team (E C Harris) along with the daily Air Monitoring carried out by Redhills Analyst. It was crucial to complete the works following a strict programme to ensure the Construction of the New Grandstand works could go ahead as planned

Daily on Site Safety Meetings, Weekly Progress Meetings and constant Liaison with the on-site Analyst ensured that all works were carried out in strict accordance with the Jockey Club Requirements. The Principle Contractor, Jockey Club & E C Harris have all thanked ICS for the way in which the works were carried out, following further recommendations, ICS have been invited to tender for further opportunities.

Aston University


Scope of Works:  Removal of asbestos insulation from basement service ducts and replacement with new insulation.

Contract Value: £174,000

Programme Duration: June 2009 – August 2009

Following their tender, competing with 6 other companies, ICS were awarded this contract. The works was to remove approximately 3000 linear meters of asbestos pipe insulation to two 80m service ducts.
To achieve negative pressure each service duct was split into two 40m phased areas each service duct was worked on simultaneously to meet the 8 week programme.
ICS appointed an onsite project manager to oversee the daily running of the contract and to liaise with the client. Each service duct req uired a 6 man team which incorporated an ICS ARCA trained supervisor to oversee removal works within the enclosure.
The site required two mobile decontamination units, 4 x 3000cfm negative pressure units, 4 x multipoint injection machines, 8 x TV2 vacuum cleaners and two PV1 vacuum cleaners.
The contract was under CDM Regulations with ICS acting as Principal Contractor and the service ducts are classed as confined space working, ICS adopted a three tier warning/communication system for operatives working inside the service duct and the outside man. This system used walkie-talkie radios, bell and warning light and Claxton horns for raising the alarm in the event of an emergency.

Peugeot – Ryton Plant

Car Manufacturing Plant

Scope of Works:  Decontamination of Roof Support Steelwork to facilitate re-roofing works.

Contract Value: £1.5m

Programme Duration: Phased to facilitate other trades

Asbestos contamination of differing forms and types were detected on the steel roof trusses following an asbestos survey.  Following extensive talks and negotiations with the roofing contractor and Peugeot, ICS were awarded the contract to decontaminate.

Due to the structure and size of the building, it was necessary to devise a plan which encompassed the health and safety of all concerned but which was also practical to execute.  We submitted our ‘Plan Of Works’ to the relevant enforcing authority for consideration and on agreement commenced works.

The factory remained operational during the decontamination works, in order to prevent disruption to productivity ICS were required to work weekends and nights leaving the area safe for re-occupation by workers the following day.

During normal asbestos removal activities a polythene enclosure is erected and placed under negative pressure to avoid the spread of contamination however due to the complex nature of this contract is was deemed impractical.  Control zones incorporating buffers were introduced and identified using barrier tape and warning signs at ground level.  All items below the works were protected with polythene sheeting.

Suitably qualified ICS operatives worked off mobile elevated platforms at high level, painstakingly degreasing and decontaminating the trusses with the aid of high efficiency ‘H type’ filtration vacuum cleaners and Local Exhaust Ventilation systems.

We employed the services of an independent UKAS accredited laboratory which provided constant personal, ambient and visual monitoring in order to ensure airborne fibre levels did not exceed the legal limit prior to, during or on completion of our works, ensuring all parties remained free from exposure.  Certificates were left on site at the end of each of our shifts so that returning workers knew they were safe-guarded during their daily duties.

ICS were chosen for this contract because the client was confident that we could deliver on price, specification, health and safety and time – we were happy to prove them right.  Our extensive experience of asbestos removal within occupied industrial premises includes Alstom Power, Land Rover, Coventry Transport Museum, Ford, Signet, Corus Steelworks and Cape Breweries to name but a few.

1 Lancaster Circus

Home to Birmingham City Council

Scope of Works:  Removal of carpet tiles and associated adhesive and screed containing asbestos.

Contract Value: £150k

Programme Duration: Phased per floor – as released to Main Contractor, Wates Construction Ltd

The 1 Lancaster Circus project was undertaken as part of the Council’s ‘Working for the Future’ programme, proposing to transform the council’s property portfolio to deliver efficient, fit for purpose workplaces. The contract at Lancaster Circus was procured through the Birmingham Construction Partnership and the main contractor Wates was using a number of local sub-contractors/suppliers to stimulate the local economy.

ICS were deemed favourite for asbestos works by Wates in relation to costs, flexibility and experience of working within occupied premises, especially with such important tenants.

ICS were required to remove the carpet floor tiles and additional non-asbestos screed disposing as contaminated waste in accordance with current regulations.  The exposed asbestos screed was sprayed with a solution of fibre suppressant ensuring saturation to prevent fibre release and removed with the aid of Heavy Duty 110v Floor Breakers.  All crevices, bolt holes and surfaces were drilled out where necessary and further cleaned to remove any residual asbestos fibres.

Works were carried out within polythene enclosures under fully controlled conditions to minimise cross contamination.  This was proven following air clearance monitoring by an independent UKAS accredited laboratory.

On completion of asbestos removal works additional protection was applied in the form of ET150 asbestos encapsulant emulsion leaving the area clear for refurbishment works.

ICS were initially required to remove asbestos containing floor screed however we were commissioned by other contractors and Birmingham City Council to carry out further asbestos removal works including an ‘environmental clean’ of lift shafts and motor rooms over a weekend period to minimise disruption, removal of asbestos insulation board, facilitating works, installation of new service risers and fire retardant bulk-heads at the property, all of which we were able to schedule around initial works.