ICS Achieves Gold for Quality in 2016

ARCA_logoContinuing our commitment to the highest standards in asbestos management services and employing high skilled people, (and following on from our 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Gold Awards for Training), ICS achieved ARCA‘s Gold Award for Quality in 2016.

ARCA Audits

ARCA undertakes site and office audits to support member’s business performance and promote professional standards to clients. These audits are widely acknowledged within the licensed asbestos industry as covering all legal requirements, as well as promoting best practices.

Site Audit Accreditation Scheme

ARCA require members to participate in the Site Audit Accreditation Scheme (SAAS) which requires two satisfactory site audits per year. These audits are carried out within a specific timeframe, and on notified licensable work & on a live enclosure while work is being undertaken (between the smoke test and commencement of the four stage clearance procedure).

All completed site audit reports are assessed and verified to provide;
  • confirmation of compliance and/or identify areas for improvement to support members,
  • and to maintain the high professional standards demanded by the Association.

Gold Site Audit Award

ARCA recognises the achievements of member companies whose audits consistently meet the high professional standards demanded by the industry. ARCA present Gold Site Audit Awards annually for those members who meet their criteria, which includes gaining high grades for three consecutive years.

Well done to our Team yet again!

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